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The digital age brings convenience, no doubt. But in my opinion, it also takes away some intimate moments and unforgettable memories that could be dear to us. With the help of several international collaborators and partners, Jen's Obscura would like to bring back these intimate touches of analog film, printed papers and hand-crafted wood to our clients for a unique wedding story.

Super8 Camera_edited.jpg


Fotoalbum berlin


 Fotobox berlin


Super 8 Videography

Film Videografie

SUPER 8 film has a nostalgic feel that portrays a kind of rawness, a feeling of home, that endures the test of time. Filmed with a vintage camera, it is not only about the special analog effect that you will see in the video, but it will be a unique experience for the wedding day itself!

Wedding Photo Album


Holding and flipping through a photo album in your hands, and sharing the moments with your beloved friends and family, face-to-face, creates a special feeling that sharing on a screen cannot attain. 

Wooden Box Packaging

holzkiste verpackung

In collaboration with Bespecial Wood Carving & Woodcraft from Hong Kong, we have our wooden box specially designed and hand-carved. Every single stroke of the pattern on the box cover is carved with love, signifying the love and dedication for each couple’s journey, built up one stroke at a time.

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