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Why you should have a pre-wedding photoshoot

Updated: Jan 20

There are many reasons why pre-wedding photography or engagement shoot is a great idea. You can get beautiful photos to use for everything from your wedding invitations, to ROM, to wedding receptions, or the slideshow presentation at the banquet. And moreover, it is an amazing experience to celebrate your relationship with your fiancée at a pre-wedding photoshoot.

You can also use this chance to get familiar with your wedding photographer, so your actual day wedding photos will be more likely to turn out the way you like. Another reason to have a pre-wedding photoshoot is that the concept of the shoot could often set the tone of the actual wedding day, such as decorations, color theme, floral arrangements, etc.

Pre-wedding shoot singapore

How to decide on a concept

Normally I would suggest the couples to decide on the concept or theme of the pre-wedding shoot at least 4 – 6 months ahead of their actual wedding day, or as soon as they can, so that allows sufficient time for the preparations for locations, transportation, wardrobe, and so on. And the photos will then be ready for other production such as wedding album or photo frames in time for the actual wedding day.

Pre-wedding photography singapore

However, a concept is not only about the above mentioned, but it is a story that only belongs to the two of you. Many couples would try to convey how they met or what brought them together, for example one of the couples that I photographed were met at a wood crafting class where they share a very special interest that turned into a way of life of their very own, and so we created this in-the-wood theme for their pre-wedding photoshoot. Once you have a concept, the locations, the wardrobe and everything else will just fall into place. Be it a beachside photoshoot with flowy casual gowns, or a photoshoot at a concert hall with glamourous dress and suits, or one at Chinatown with traditional clothings, creating a concept is one of the funnest part of a pre-wedding photoshoot, which many of my couples have enjoyed so much too.

I always appreciate it when my clients tell me about their ideas, but not everyone of us are good at visualising ideas, so I would always work with my couples to decide on the looks, and what work best with the locations. Brides can also take the opportunity of a pre-wedding photoshoot to give their hair and makeup a trial run. I myself work with a makeup & hair stylist so we would be able to offer the service as part of the package.

What other arrangements to consider

There has been a trend for couples to go overseas to capture beautiful scenery for their pre-wedding shoots. It also serves as a pre-wedding trip for the couples to travel and take some time off during their wedding planning period. The ideas of locations are infinite, but pre-wedding photoshoots are all about creating a romantic yet natural setting for your photos. So choosing the ideal location also means choosing a place where you would feel comfortable being photographed at.

Thanks to my background of event planning, if you would like to have an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot, I would also be happy to organise a package for you that includes transportation and hotels.

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Final words

What I enjoy most about pre-wedding photoshoots, and feel most grateful is when my clients feedback to me that it is a day they remember as one of the most special times in their relationship. There are many different stages in a relationship, and I believe the time when a couple is engaged and ready to start a new page in their life journey is one of the sweetest and most treasurable, and I hope to capture this magical moments of their relationships in a pre-wedding photoshoot through my lens, ones that the couple can look back and smile to each other at.

Contact me and share with me your story, so we can make some magic together!

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