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Why "Jen's Obscura"? (My definition of Love)

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Camera obscura was the earliest technology for taking pictures, before the more well-known pin hole camera existed. In fact, the origin and development of camera obscura was not so much about cameras or taking photographs, but more about astronomy, perspective, optics, philosophy, magic and art.

This year Jen's Obscura has moved to Europe. With new experiences, I have unexpectedly rediscovered the concept of my brand, my beliefs, and found new meanings.

Instead of seeing through a rectangle viewfinder, as cameras today do, camera obscura sees through a circle. Rays of light from the exterior pass through a small hole in one side of a closed room and re-emerge on the interior wall on the other side as an upside down image. It works very much like the human eye.

Photographers are observers by nature. The way they observe leads to the truth of how they interfere with the world. For the camera obscura, it was about what is visible rather than what is to be framed, it is a direct reflection of the image captured, the “undisguised nature” is very much like how I operate with my camera. My images carry a sense of simplicity, naivete, brightness and authenticiy. I almost never set a static framework for my photoshoots, and allow myself to capture the real emotions that I feel from my couples. Because I trust the true experience and emotions of my couples would bring about the most beautiful images and memories.

The camera obscura was also thought of in relation to god. And interestingly, when I designed my name card, I put the phrase “Let there be light” on the bright side of the card, only later on found that it was a phrase spoken by God. I am an atheist, but I find this idea of luminosity and radiance very fitting for my belief of Love and Faith. For only when you allow the light to get through the dark, then you will see the beautiful image.

I hope that this portrayal of love resonates with you.

Please contact me today to find out more and share your story!

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