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Wedding Day Shoots: Get your Big Day Covered Professionally

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

There are a few special days in everyone’s life. Taking someone as your life partner is one of such special moments. To have this day documented, you should look for a photographer whom you can trust and allow you to feel at ease from the first meeting, to the actual day itself, and to the day when your photos arrive at your hands.

Wedding Day Photography Singapore

What role does a Professional Photographer Play?

When you hire a professional photographer, he or she will not just capture photos of the special moments on the day, but will also work closely with you to ensure that he/she will do all the preparation to facilitate the work to get the best photographs on the day.

When I meet up with my couples the first time, I will discuss with them about the schedule and programme that they have; the style of the wedding whether there will be any traditional ceremony involved; the themes and setups of the venue; the costumes that they will be wearing, etc. So I may be able to make certain suggestions to get the best pictures, like suggesting a second photographer to get some extra angles and create better coverage of the day.

Although the couples may not notice, the information that I gathered from them are also for me to determine how my movement on the day will be, the shots that I will focus on taking, and the equipments that I will bring with me. And equipments are not just the lenses and lighting, but also could be some small props such as matching ribbons and fabric that I can use to take details shots.

Prior to the wedding day itself, I would normally visit the venue if it is a place that I have not worked with before. This helps me to understand the space and lighting to get the best possible photos, especially when it is an outdoor space which I have to consider every weather situation.

Actual Day Wedding Photography Singapore

On the big day, I love to have my couples feel at ease and enjoy their special moments with their guests. I would be in the right place, at the right time, and getting the most candid and natural photos of the wedding, which is a responsibility for a wedding photographer. I would also work with the other vendors such as the make-up artist, stylist and the venue organisers to make sure everything falls together timely and smoothly.

What can you do to find your perfect wedding photographer?

A wedding photographer is also a service provider of your special day. So other than the general questions that you shall ask your photographer, such as his/her photographing style and editing style, you shall also ask about his/her working style. As wedding planning usually starts way ahead of time, it's best to work with a photographer whom you feel comfortable with.

I tend to be quite transparent to my clients from the beginning, making sure they know what they are getting, so the couples will not need to alter any plans along the way before the actual wedding day, which sometimes could be much of a hassle. For example, I would let my couples know the number of photos they are getting, the duration of my editing process, the number of previews they can get before receiving the final edited pictures, and also what does the package include, if there is anything they need to consider that would cost them extra.

Final Words

Photography is an art, and an art never blossoms with just the tools. I believe that beautiful wedding photos come with a great experience and the job of any wedding vendors including photographers is to help you create this great experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Find out more about me here. And contact me today to discuss about your wedding day!

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