Top 5 Locations for Maternity Shoots in Singapore

Updated: May 24, 2021

There are probably tons of articles that talk about best locations for taking Pre-Wedding photos in Singapore, but there are much fewer that specifically talks about locations for Maternity Photography. I'd give it an attempt, as I find it worthwhile to talk about also for another big reason (and a reason very often neglected) – we don’t want our soon-to-be moms to work too hard! So accessibility for our mummys with big bumps is very important! Thus, here are My Top 5s:

East Coast Park

Maternity photos are celebrations of a new life, a new page in the journey of a couple. So it is natural to do it in a natural environment. Personally I find that water symbolises LIFE as when we are in the womb of our mothers, we are basically surrounded by water. A lot of mothers would also play sounds of water flowing for new borns to have good sleep. So I find that the beach side would be the perfect location for a maternity photoshoot, besides the aesthetic purpose.

Singapore maternity photoshoot

There are a few photogenic spots at the East Coast Park that are right next to the carpark and near to the eateries, which makes it a really convenient location. Anytime of the day you will be able to catch the gorgeous light, the blue shades and lush greens that make magnificent pictures!

Botanic Gardens

maternity photography singapore

Botanic Gardens is the biggest park in Singapore with a vast variety of beautiful plants and nature. It is basically one of the best locations for any type of outdoor portrait shoots. And definitely one of my favourites too! However, rather than the normal route from Tanglin Gate that most of the photographers would cover, I would suggest the upper route from the Botanic Gardens MRT instead. Although there are a few scenic spots like the swan lake or the bandstand (the famous white gazebo) at the lower area, I find that the walk up and down slope could be a bit of a climb for ladies with big bumps. At the upper part of the park, there are still many beautiful spots like the Bamboo Garden, or the Eco Lake that would be the perfect backdrop for your maternity photos.

MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie Reservoir

Another location near water where you can see the amazing sunset. In my opinion, one of the best sunset locations in Singapore. It’s an easy short walk to the kayak deck where, on a good day, you can get that spectacular crimson orange sun setting right in between the two stretches of greenery. Truly marvellous scene!

Upper Peirce Reservoir Park

Upper Peirce Reservoir Park is not too far from MacRitchie Reservoir but it is a much more under-rated location. It is located on the opposite side of the MacRitchie Treetop Trail so it has a similar landscape, but the view of the water and the sky is much broader. With lesser people, you can totally feel at ease in front of the camera and enjoy the calmness in the open air that nature brings. There is a carpark and drop off point that is right at the park so it is fairly easily accessible by car.

Home / Studio

For maternity shoot, normally I would also recommend a home or studio session, especially for those moms-to-be who may want to show off their tummies but are a bit shy to do it in public. Indoor setting can allow more intimate shots with the other half while you can also wear some sexier outfits or even go for a boudoir type shoot. There are many studios that offer a cozy setting with abundant natural light, which would create a soft and warm touch for your maternity photos. Studios such as The White Space, Another Studio, Vico Studio, Raw Space, to name but a few.

Final words

Maternity Portraits Photography Singapore

When a woman is pregnant, she is experiencing this incredible feeling that is only available to female, this dramatic change in her body, and she is entering a stage with her partner that is not going to be the same from before. It could be rather terrifying, but I also find that women in their maternity are some of the most beautiful, as they show their strength in vulnerability, and integrity in holding up their bodies. And I would love to capture this special moments for women with the same sensitivity.

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