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The Job of a Photograph & The Job of a Photographer (aka How do I tell your Wedding Story)

Updated: Jan 20, 2023


The magic of photography captures a fleeting moment. A moment from which you may remember the feeling, but in time you may forget the colors, the smell, the taste, or the sound of that very moment, because they seem to all blend in and become a sort of mood. The job of a photograph is to bring you back to that moment and let you experience it all over again with all your senses.


The job of a wedding photographer, any wedding photographer, is to document your big day and try to capture these meaningful and special moments. Some of which happens in front of the couple, at other times it happens without the couple even knowing. But they all belong to the same story, and together these photos make the story of this important day of your life.

Now, what a GOOD wedding photographer does is being observant to the surroundings. This doesn’t mean only observing what is happening at the moment, but also means understanding the relationship of the couple with their family and friends, getting to know what it means by “meaningful” to the bride and the groom. So that these moments can be captured, and sometimes can even be created!


As each of us are different individuals and we express ourselves differently, we express our love in different means too. Some of us speak it, some of us use our body, our touch, and some express through external materials like flowers. All of these are evidence and languages of our love, and I’m constantly searching for these languages, keeping my senses open to receive them and then portray them in my work, as how my bride and groom would like to feel them too. And that's how I would like to tell your wedding story.

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