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Preserving Your Memory with our Hand-Carved Wooden Box

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

「與其問自己要雕走什麼,更準確直接的想法是,想保留什麼。」In Bespcial's blog, this line touches me. “To ask yourself what needs to be carved out, more precisely, is to ask yourself what you would like to preserve.”

A wedding photo, is a way of preserving the memory of your wedding day. Often in the process of selecting the favourite wedding photos to be printed, couples have different preferences: some may select more photos with family, while others may choose more close-up shots of themselves. Some couples like photos from the ceremony, others may like random candid shots showing them holding hands. We all have different stories to tell, every single one of us. What matters to me may be different from what matters to another person. And so, we want to preserve or protect those that matter.

When an image transforms from a digital file to a tangible object, it enters the real world and expands into another opportunity, to a life of its own. Be it in a photo frame that hangs on your wall or a pocket-size photo which you can put inside your wallet. When you pass by that photo frame and tell your 4 year old niece about your wedding day, or when you take out that photo from your wallet and share your wedding story with your new friend; you create another layer of the story, making it "deeper" and more memorable. In another words, with that creation, we preserve the memory simultaneously. That's why I always try to persuade my couples to have their photos printed!

Photo frames are good! But for those other equally beautiful photo prints that you'd like to keep in a safe place and take them out to admire once in a while, we have our new wooden packaging box that can do the job! I’m so thrilled to be collaborating with these amazing humans from Bespecial Wood Carving & Woodcraft Hong Kong, to customise our wedding photo packaging box.

Each of these wooden boxes is specially designed and hand-carved! Every single stroke carved out portion by portion, line by line! Just like in a relationship, we unlearn about our loved one, and preserve the most real to finally create the most beautiful image. I believe that is the journey for every successful relationship.

Leave us your comment of our new creation! And contact me to find out more!

For those who can read Chinese, please check out Bespecial Wood Carving & Woodcraft’s blog here. You'll find wonders much more than about woodcraft!


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