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Letting the Wedding Album Talk

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Wedding is a magnificent event in one’s life and it is celebrated in full grandeur most of the time. One thing that cannot be missed is a wedding album, in which the nuptial is cherished for the epoch and is time and again revisited when one wishes to recreate those special moments.

Everyone remembers the time when your parents share their wedding album to you, that special memory that they hold close to, revealed with the images in this book they hold in their hands. It's a special feeling that sharing on a screen cannot attain.

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Making an Amazing Album

The toil of a photographer is not merely restricted to the day of the marriage, but also around the key affair. A wedding photographer can create an album that tells a story, and tells who the couples are and how they celebrated their love, through the papers, the layout, the design and style of the book.

For me, as someone who started her career in graphic design & publishing, it's exceptionally exciting to see wedding photos come to life in an album. I work on the layout and editing by myself and I work closely with the couples to make sure the flow of their story is retained.

One can direct a shutterbug to make a photo album, virtual or palpable, for all the wedding snaps. However, if this is not appropriately arranged, photos of all graces can be amassed in a solitary album. So it is constantly advisable to respect a wedding photographer’s ability and suggestions on prints.


Wedding albums are always a treasure to keep. And I would like to continue to honour this special book that creates special moment, for you to share your stories to your beloved friends and family, for years to come.

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