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Choosing the Perfect Photographer for your Pre-wedding Shoot - Let's Talk Style

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Pre-wedding Photography Singapore

One of the first things that you have to consider when you’re on the hunt for a pre-wedding photographer is probably the right style. It is easy to find out what style you prefer, you can just go on Instagram and browse through the vast array of wedding photos out there and you will find those you gravitate towards. However, this is only step one as most people are not able to pin-point why they prefer that certain style or look.

So first thing first, obvious factors such as the location can be easily decided on - whether it is an indoor studio shoot or outdoor shoot. Secondly, whether the shoot is mostly posed or candid. You can determine these factors considering how comfortable you would be getting photographed under such conditions. Then, things will be harder yet still manageable, because even among candid or more journalistic styles, you can still find various photographers operating across the aesthetic spectrum. There is no right or wrong in each style, it is all a matter of preference.

For instance, some couples prefer extravagant, sharp, and dramatic shots set against breathtaking landscapes; some couples gravitate towards elegant, more lifestyle-esque photos that make them look like they come straight out from a fashion magazine; while other couples may prefer more intimate, natural and emotionally charged shots nestled in a cozy environment, that show their authentic selves.

At last, how a photographer handles the post production also makes a big difference to the style of the photos. Imagine one photo in color and the exact same photo processed in black and white – this would already portray a different mood or vibe. Most wedding photographers in Singapore or in the region go for the rustic and moody tone that makes a couple look extra stylish and glamorous. There is a pretty big market for retro-loving couples too with photos that look cinematic.

engagement photoshoot singapore

Some other photographers create a unique style with a more modern or industrial vibe, using a lot of black or grey tones. And then there is this style, called the “California style”, which is similar to the style I practise, that has a warm and soft matte look. It is obviously quite popular in California with the abundance of natural light, vast land, lush greenery and flowers there, which, works particularly well in Singapore and the region as well! The warm color of sunlight and almost pastels tones result in honey-colored skin that makes the bride look naturally impeccable. The bright and airy tone also evokes a cheerful and positive vibe.

So, what do you think your style is? Check out some of my work and let's get in touch!


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