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Back to Basic (to the Essence of Love) with SUPER 8 Wedding Videography

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

In love, we always seek the infinite. We chase the timelessness. For that, I ponder what it means to be timeless and how to showcase that in my work. That motivated me to add Super 8 film videography to my portfolio. I want to create something raw, simple, beautiful and long-lasting. To me, that’s the essence of love.

Timeless is not about what type of gowns you wear, it’s not what hairdo you have, maybe not even which venue you choose, but rather that feeling when time stops. When the couple look at their wedding photo or video again, they are transported back to that moment, to experience that very moment all over again.

Take a minute now to think of the most unforgettable events in your childhood. Yes, really, close your eyes. Aren’t the images and colors blurry? But what touches you is the real emotions, the real interactions. That’s what super 8 film does. The imperfection, the graininess, the texture, the shaky frames, like a flashback of memory, is how we remember a special event or a special day of our lives. It evokes a pure sense of being. It’s a true depiction of the moment without frills. That’s what I adore about Super 8 film.

super 8 film singapore

Many digital functions try to imitate the effect of Super8 film but they haven’t been entirely successful, because the light and tone and cinematic quality captured through Super8 camera is just incomparable. Shooting in Super8 together with my couples, complemented by the sound of the rolling film reel, also adds that extra tint of spice to the whole experience of the day. I always try to go beyond the mere results of the photographs or videos, despite that being the most significant part of a photographer’s job. What I would like my couples to also take away, is an unforgettable experience, and let that day of your pre-wedding photoshoot be one of the most special days of your relationship, as well!

Technically Super 8 works best in bright light or somewhere with a lot of natural light, which is a plus for my style of photography. There is a limited number of photolabs that can develop the film, which makes it a pretty rare medium for photographers to pursue. That also means your wedding video or wedding slideshow would be most unique, too!

Please contact me today if you'd like to have a Super 8 wedding shoot experience for your special day!

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