I’m a Chinese, but Canadian at heart and perhaps with gypsy blood.

I prefer referring myself as a citizen of the mother Earth. Born and raised in Hong Kong and educated in Canada, I’ve now been based in Singapore for more than 8 years, where my 18-year-old orange tabby cat had resided to earth at last after travelling around the world alongside me.


With a background in architecture and design, I love taking photographs of the urban landscape. Keeping a childlike curiosity towards the world I live in and my finger firmly on the pulse of society, I would indulge myself at the corner of the street soaking up every detail of a building or mannerism of a passersby. A somewhat introvert who sometimes just hides inside her hamster ball.


I started taking portraits wanting to build the bridge to connect with people, leading to my realization that I could help couples celebrate their love and the endearing facets in their relationships by capturing them through my lens.


I love music for it is the truest medium.

I love animals for their simplest purpose.

And I love to document the real stories of people.


I believe in plants and all the good things that take time to grow.

I believe in spontaneous storytelling that unveil the unspoken.

I believe in imperfection, honest imagery that speaks to the heart.

And I believe in that moment when day topples into night and he and she say “yes, we do”.


From couples to animals to passersby, I strive to create meaningful experiences and to capture a sense of curiosity, compassion and sensitivity in my photos.

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